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Dédalo, a través de su tienda virtual, ofrece a sus clientes la posibilidad de realizar cambios y devoluciones de su compra durante los primeros siete (07) días calendario después de la entrega del pedido.

Returns or changes will be requested through the following emails: or


In order to exercise the right of return or exchange, the buyer must comply with general conditions, but if a product has specific conditions for return, these will be detailed at the time of sale


General Conditions:


  1. If, once the purchase has been made through the on-line shop, the customer is not satisfied with the product, any change or return will be made within seven (07) calendar days
  2. It is essential to have the complete product, as it was delivered, this means with all the elements sent with the product at the time of delivery such as: handtag, packaging, bags, etc. in good condition and without signs of having been used.
  3. Both the item and the original receipt (ballot or invoice) are important for requesting a return or exchange. If you do not have the proof of payment, the claim of this document must be made within 48 hours after receiving the product.
  4. It will be coordinated through one of the three communication channels available,


  • Telephone assistance 945 016462 / 977 577509
  • Support by WhatsApp
  • Questions and answers by e-mail: /


Our After-Sales area will contact the client within a maximum of two (2) working days after the day of communication, to coordinate the process and attend to your request.

The delivery of the product, object of the return or exchange, to the physical store will be done in a determined schedule, this must be checked by the store team to certify that the product is in perfect conditions.

  1. Once the item has been reviewed and accepted, a credit note will be issued so that it can be used immediately in the physical store (new size, different color or model).
  2. The credit note may be used up to 30 days from the date of issue.
  3. An item of the same value must be chosen in order for the credit note to be effective; in the case that it is of greater value, the difference will be paid. If the product is of lesser value there is no refund for the difference.
  4. The Credit Notes must be consumed in a single transaction. There is no option to split the document value for purchases on different days.
  5. No exchanges or refunds will be made for personal accessories, swimwear, cosmetics and personal care
  6. En caso que Dédalo considere necesario programar el recojo de la pieza a devolver o cambiar, esta será realizada en la misma dirección donde se entregó el producto y dependiendo del caso, el cliente deberá de asumir los gastos del nuevo envío.
  7. The personnel who will be in charge of the collection will not handle the article more than necessary to transport it.
  8. If the item is not packed in its original packaging, we will not proceed with the collection, in the same way we will not proceed with the collection if the buyer does not have the proof of payment.
  9. Once the product has been received in the logistics area, a document will be issued to prove that the product has been received.
  10. In case of damage to the article, if applicable, the extortion will be made through our online shop platform, depending on the claim and the type of card and bank.
  11. No cash refunds, under any circumstances
  12. If the payment was made by bank transfer, previously coordinated with our Post-sale area, the refund will be made by deducting the bank charges or expenses incurred in the transaction, from the amount to be returned to the buyer.
  13. En caso de generar alguna compra web con indicación de Recojo en tienda física y este no se cumple de forma inmediata, Dédalo no se hace responsable por su custodia pasados los 20 días posteriores a la compra.




Any product purchased through the online store "" that presents structural or obvious problems, gives the customer the option to contact us to review and evaluate the situation of the product.

After 10 calendar days there will be no option to claim warranty for original product damage.

No warranty will apply if the item has signs of misuse by the buyer.

In order for a claim to be applied and the warranty to be valid, the product must be evaluated by the artist or supplier who offered it, it will be determined if the arrangement will be assumed as part of the warranty on a product originally in good condition or there will be some cost for repair, which will be assumed by the buyer.