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1.- What are the hours of the customer service?

R: Our online shop is available 24 hours a day and all week, however, the customer service team will attend to queries and requests for information during the opening hours of the physical store.


2.- What are the channels for contacting customer service?

R: We have 3 main channels of communication and they are:

  • On our store cell phones: +51 945 016 462 and +51 977 577 509

  • On our WhatsApp business: +51 945 016 462 and +51 977 577 509

  • Questions and answers by e-mail :

3.- Can I find online all the products that are in the physical store?

R:All of our products are not yet loaded in the online shop, but you can already fond a diversity options and ask us directly for photos if you are looking for a very specific object.

If you do not find the article you are looking for, you can make the query through our customer service channels and will will look for it for you.



4.- What means of payment can I use to buy in the on-line shop?

R: We receive all local credit and debit cards, and use the PagoEffectivo payment service (through the generation of a code that can be paid from the internet banking applications of all national peruvian banks). Contact us directly to pay with an international credit card.



5.- Will I receive a confirmation email after making an online purchase?

RYes, once the operation is approved you will receive a confirmation email for your purchase, additionally you will be able to track your products and see their shipping status.



6.- How long will it take to deliver the product, once I have made the purchase?

R: Deliveries will be made within 72 hours at the most in the city of Lima. Contact us directly for international shipping options, they are possible and we quote them individually for each purchase.



7.- What if I need to buy a gift piece, can I request a faster delivery?

R: We also offer the Express delivery service, these deliveries will be made the same day of the purchase -if it is made and validated before noon-; and if it is after noon the delivery will be made the next day.


8.- Is there gift packaging?

R: Yes, just let us know that you need it as a gift and we'll pack it for you, at no extra cost


9.- Can I cancel my order?

R: You can do this by contacting us within 24 hours after you have made your online purchase, with our after-sales team.

The channels of attention are:

  • On our store cell phones: +51 945 016 462 and +51 977 577 509

  • Assistance by WhatsApp: 945016462, 977577509

  • Consultations and answers by e-mail:

It should be noted that some means of payment could generate costs that will have to be assumed by the client



10.- Do you deliver nationwide?

R: Yes, these deliveries were coordinated according to the type of article and the best possible packaging, calculating delivery times and the best service.



11.- Where do you deliver?

R: Our delivery zone for direct online purchase is Lima metropolitan area; For other regions of Peru or international shipping, please contact our customer service.


12.- Can I pick up my purchase at the store?

R: Yes, we have an option in our online store that allows you to skip delivery and pick up your purchase personally. The pick up will be in the regular schedule of our store Barranco and previous coordination with our online sales team.


13.- Can I make purchases without registering as a user?

R: Yes, you can buy without registering, but for a better service from our team we suggest you generate a user and password as this will allow you to receive invitations to our events and exhibitions, as well as seasonal offers and promotions.


14.- Can I ask for an invoice?

R: Yes, once the order is entered, you will have the option to choose the proof of payment you need.



15.- Are the prices of the products the same in the physical store and in the online store?

R: Yes, we maintain a standard in the quality of our products, therefore the prices are the same.

If there is a promotion for online purchases, the applicable items or the artist offering them will be marked.



16.- Can corporate purchases be made?

R: Although most of our products are unique pieces, we also have the option of attending to corporate orders of larger quantities -after consulting stock and delivery time-.



17.- Can I buy a gift certificate?

RGift certificates: We are implementing our online store to offer you gift certificates of different values. At the moment you can buy them in our physical store, we ask you to contact our team to offer you the current options.




1.- What are the opening hours of the store?

R: Our store in Barranco has the following opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 18:00

Sunday and holidays 10:00 - 18:00


2.- Who is the person in charge of the different setups in the store?

R: The person in charge of the assembly and preparation of store spaces, distribution of objects and selection is Mrs. María Elena Fernández, Manager and Artistic Director of our gallery and shop.


3.- What kind of products are sold at Dédalo?

R: The articles that are exposed and sold in Dédalo are elaborated under very high standards of quality and are, in their majority, unique pieces worked with dedication and care. They go through a rigorous selection process. The pieces we showcase are considered to be from the best artisans, designers and artists in the country.


4.- Can I have more information about the pieces that are for sale?

R: All our salespeople are trained to provide information on the pieces we sell, from their locations in the store, such as materials and techniques used by the artists.


5.- Are the products sold with boxes?

R: Some suppliers give an added value to their products with sales presentations; we have boxes, bags and packaging by type of product purchased.


6.- Can we count on pieces similar to those on display in the shop?

R: Most of our pieces are unique, but the managers in each area can help you check if we have any pieces in stock.


7.- Is it possible to reproduce pieces in larger quantities for corporate or business gifts?

R: Yes, we also have a portfolio of pieces for events and corporate sales that we can adjust to your budget upon request.


8.- Do you have baskets or bags to move around the store while shopping?

R: At Dédalo, we have properly trained staff to help you in a personalized way. They will accompany your journey to take the chosen products to the checkout, identified with your name and thus avoiding any problem of breakage or discomfort for you while you continue browsing through our store.


9.- Do you ship abroad?

R: Yes, once the purchase is made, a calculation is made that will depend on the weight and/or volume of the pieces to be sent, the destination and the type of shipping you choose. We work with Fedex, DHL and we ship through SERPOST (peruvian national mail system).


10.- I am buying a piece and will travel with it, what kind of packaging is used?

R: We work with special packaging to ensure that our pieces arrive intact at their destination, such as: boxes/case with custom-made handles, bubble wrap and protective flakes.

All these packages vary depending on the material of the part and its dimensions.


11.- Are the ceramic pieces placed in boxes?

R: The ceramic pieces we have at Dédalo are properly packed to avoid any breakage during transit. International shipments are boxed.


12.- Where are the prices of the products?

R: Each piece is properly labeled with the supplier code, serial number and sales price. If there is any piece without a sticker, our staff will indicate its price.


13.- Can payment be made in dollars or euros?

R: Yes, we accept payment in US dollars and Euros. We use the exchange rate of the day published on the SUNAT website.


14.- What kind of credit cards do you accept?

R: We accept all credit cards, domestic and international. When the purchases exceed USD 200 or S/ 700 we ask the cardholder for identification.


15.- Are all the products Peruvian?

R: We work primarily with Peruvian artisans and artists.


16.- How do I report a damaged product? What is your return and exchange policy?

R: Once the purchase has been made, our customers have 7 calendar days to request the change or return of a product.

All transactions will be carried out with the original proof of purchase, as long as the product is in its original packaging.

There will be no cash refunds for any reason.



17.- Are there any discounts?

R: The discounts will be identified and will depend on the campaign.

For corporate sales, we have special prices.


18.- Do you have all sizes, in clothes and jewelry?

R: We usually have a stock that allows us to offer all sizes, depending on availability at the time. If you do not find your size, you can place a specific order with the artist and we will let you know as soon as we have it in the shop.


19.- Do you have short-sleeved polo shirts all year round?

R: Most of our collections are seasonal and vary depending on the trends proposed by the artist; we have all year round pieces of raw winter in alpaca and wool materials in their different varieties.

During the summer season in Lima, we have bikinis, swimwear and sandals for sale.


20.- Do you have men's clothes?

R: We have a great variety of polos and shirts for the summer season, during the winter we have jackets and sweaters made of natural fibers. During the whole year our section of natural fibers has different collections.


21.- What is your privacy policy?

R: We do not share or sell any personal information. All information is for the exclusive use of Dédalo and is kept private at all times.



22.- Do you have a cafeteria and rest area?


R: Yes, we have a nice cafeteria with very good products to share with the public that visits us. We have a WiFi network for the use of our customers and we are pet friendlyWe are happy to receive four-legged friends who are properly cared for by their owners.

Cameras are allowed for home use and social networking of our friends and customers.