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Multiplicity of experiences in one place

The mansion hosts the work of more than 700 artists selected by the experienced and meticulous look of its founder, María Elena Fernández.

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Multiplicity of experiences.

More than 30 years, many stories.

More than 30 years ago, the first conceptual store for craftsmanship and contemporary design was inaugurated in Lima. Dédalo is today the center where the most creative to ingenious of said proposal converges

Dédalo is much more than a gallery; it is a universe of creativity and artistic expression that captivates those who cross its threshold. Its carefully curated spaces are converted into living canvases that exhibit a wide range of works of art and crafts. From the moment you enter, a feeling of astonishment is awakened by the variety of colors, shapes and textures that adorn every corner of this cultural space. In its salons you can find both signature pieces and Peruvian handicrafts, ready-to-wear fashion, accessories, jewelry, recycled objects and furniture.

The life journey of Dédalo you tirelessly bet on innovation, quality and originality have earned him to become the unquestionable option among people who are looking for an object that surprises him, fascinates him and identifies him.

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Dédalo SED

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Recognized Peruvian artists

Exhibitions that highlight the diversity and creativity of Peruvian art. 

The temporary exhibition hall of Daedalus (SED) is a white cube, understood as, an environment in which works of art can be seen in a pure context and without interference that allows viewers to concentrate completely on the appreciation of artistic pieces, intended for personal or collective samples selected in an annual program by its director Paloma Lores.

With its commitment to promote art and craftsmanship, as well as to enrich the cultural experience of the city of Lima, the Dédalo Exhibition Hall is consolidated as an unmissable destination for collectors and for those who want to explore and enjoy the wonderful world of art and creativity.

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A destiny that inspires

A Coffee in the Heart of Art.

Dédalo Café fuses the charm of art with the tempting aroma of a good kitchen, in a large terrace guarded by an ancestral ficus. This unique corner is much more than a space to enjoy a cup of coffee, it allows a pleasant encounter between art and gastronomy: Visitors are welcomed by an enveloping atmosphere of encounter with nature and good music.

This unique atmosphere invites visitors to immerse themselves in a multisensory experience, where art and coffee merge harmoniously, offering a cozy refuge to enjoy the visual inspiration and pleasure of the senses.

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